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Opportunities in the Current M&A MarketApr 2010

Now that we are half-way through 2010, many clients are questioning why M&A volume has remained so low.  Prequin noted a decline of 35% in buy-out deal flow in the first quarter, and things have not improved much since then.  Recen... Read more >

CDI Global Forms Medical Industry PracticeApr 2010

CDI Global has begun the formation of a new Industry Group to create and support M&A transactions in the healthcare industry.  The depth of expertise in medical industries among our current partners and directors will offer CDI clients si... Read more >

Residential Property Management in France: Crisis, What Crisis?Jan 2010

While the residential property and property-management businesses in much of the developed world may be in crisis, that is not the case in France.  Here, the residential property-management sector is stable, profitable, relatively large, and ... Read more >

M&A in Indian Telecom: A Tale of Twin OpportunitiesJan 2010

Recent trends in the Indian telecom market, the world's fastest growing, point to an abundance of investment and M&A opportunities. Between 2000 and 2007, the largest providers (Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, BSNL, idea) grew in dominance, squeez... Read more >

Research Articles Featured in this EditionJul 2009

"Mergers and Persistence" Jeffrey Jaffe, David Pedersen, Torben Voetmann Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (2008) The ability to create shareholder value through mergers and acquisitions has been studied by many... Read more >

CDI Global Introduces New Branding LogoJul 2009

  The new logo resulted from a decision made by the CDI Management Committee in late 2008 to evaluate and update the brand image of the firm.  Committee members directed Meinecke to present them with a design that preserved the fundamen... Read more >

CN Finance Joins CDI Global Network Jul 2009

CNF specializes in medium-sized transactions, and through its Polish partner, may also conclude transactions in Poland, Romania, and Turkey. Typical clients are entrepreneurs who set up their businesses after the fall of communism but have since ... Read more >

The Professionalization of M&A: A Look Back and a View forward at CDI GlobalJul 2009

CDINEWS: When you look back at your history with the company and you look at changes in the market over that time, what are, other than some immediate crisis, the biggest changes you've seen in the market over that time? Bo: The most ch... Read more >

CDI Partnership with Celerant Consulting, Inc., Offers Clients End-to-End Maximization of Business ValueJul 2009

Last year Celerant delivered over €600m/$1bn in annualized sustainable savings to its clients, and over the last 20 years it has become the largest independent firm of business operations consultants. "Celerant and CDI Global both place ... Read more >

CDI Netherlands Leaders See Resurgence in M&A ActivityJan 2011

CDI News: Isn’t the Netherlands office one of the oldest in the CDI system? Matthijs: Yes, it is. We joined the CDI organization in 1989 actually, which makes us indeed one of the longest-standing affiliates. CDI News:&nbs... Read more >

Using Venture Capital to Build Communities: The Story of SOVECJan 2011

CDI News: May we talk a little bit about your interest in Africa and where that comes from and how you’re expressing it with the social venture capital fund? Sander: Sure.  My background is in venture capital, merger and ac... Read more >

Bo Hjelt Foundation Supports Fundamental Research into Spina BifidaAug 2011

When CDI founder Bo Hjelt's fourth child, Madeleine, died of Spina Bifida at the age of 11, Bo decided he had to do something to prevent this birth defect that affects 1 in 1,000 newborns around the world and had affected three of his children - two ... Read more >

CDI Global and Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management Form Strategic AllianceAug 2011

CDI Global has entered into a strategic alliance with Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management to provide a new service for existing and prospective Deutsche Bank clients who own significant mid-market operating businesses.  Under the alliance, C... Read more >

AMERGE Corporation Joins CDI GlobalAug 2011

AMERGE Corporation, a specialized merger and acquisition consulting firm working with buyers and sellers of closely held businesses in the middle market ($2.5M to $100M+) is now a Partner in CDI Global. AMERGE brings to CDI clients a practice focused... Read more >

CDI Global Now Has Office in Rio de JaneiroAug 2011

Through its new associates, Aria Capital Partners, CDI Global now has an office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to complement its office in São Paulo.  Aria Capital Partners brings to CDI Global and its clients a team of 15 professionals with ... Read more >

Indian M&A Falls in Q1 2011 But Prospects Still Bright Aug 2011

  The first quarter of 2011 saw a decline of more than 60% in the number of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deals, as compared to the earlier quarter (Q4 2010). This was primarily due to high valuations and increasing uncertainty about macro... Read more >

M&A Deals in India Telecom Sector Likely to SoarAug 2011

More than 21,000 M&A deals were announced in 2010, with its total value  exceeding USD 1.9 trillion. Of this, the telecom sector accounted for $163 billion worth of deals, as compared to $99 billion worth of deals in the sector in 2009.... Read more >

Sellside Alternatives with a Look at the Chemical Industry MarketJun 2012

If you own a business in the chemical industry and the time to sell has come, there is good news. The current market is good for sellers, and there are many ways to go about it Today's Market As of early 2012, there are more buyers than seller... Read more >

Marshall-Teichert Group Joins CDI Global North AmericaJun 2012

We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues from the Marshall-Teichert Group (MTG), which joined CDI Global North America in May. MTG will provide leadership in the oil and gas industry from its offices in Houston and Calgary, and complement ... Read more >