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Jeff A. Schmidt

Jeff A. Schmidt
Jeff Schmidt is the Executive Managing Director of CDI Global and member of the CDI Management Committee and Board of Directors. He is based in Chicago and his nationality is American. He holds a B.S. degree in engineering management with honors from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, and an M.B.A. degree from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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In Our View: Approaching 2010 with Cautious OptimismOct 2009

This is the Q4 2009 edition of CDI Global's quarterly newsletter. In addition to a continuing focus on the BRIC countries, this edition includes features on the chemical and banking industries, divestitures, and middle-market M&A in France and... Read more >

In Our View: Keys for Success in India, ChinaJan 2010

This first edition of the CDI Global Quarterly Newsletter in 2010 features India and China - the two emerging economic giants among the BRIC countries. CDI Global has decades of experience with helping clients to enter these markets successful... Read more >

Spotlight on Research: Impact of Private Equity Investment on PerformanceJan 2010

In this edition, CDI Global has focused on two research papers exploring the impact of private equity investment on performance of companies prior to the global financial crisis that began in 2007. The first is a Harvard Business School working pa... Read more >

In This Issue: Focus on Nordic Region, Japan, ChinaApr 2010

This second edition of the CDI Global Quarterly Newsletter in 2010 features the several offices that make up our Nordic Region, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. CDI Global traces its origins to these countries and has decades of exp... Read more >

Private Equity in the Wake of Economic CrisisApr 2010

The credit crisis of 2008-09 has caused great stress in the private equity business. Transactions fell sharply during the crisis, and the ease and structure of financing deals has changed in fundamental ways. Sourcing and completing quality new de... Read more >

In this Issue: Focus on the NetherlandsJan 2011

This final edition for 2010 of the CDI Global Quarterly Newsletter features the Netherlands office, which was one of the earliest offices to make up our global organization. Our managing directors in the Netherlands discuss their local market and ... Read more >

CDI Global Holds Its Annual Conference in the Middle EastJan 2011

Delegates from CDI Global's 35 affiliates met for the firm's annual conference from October 20 through October 22 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. Conference speakers covered global innovation and initiatives, industry practices, and ... Read more >

Southern Cone Group Joins CDI GlobalJan 2011

The Southern Cone Group has joined CDI Global as its newest member firm, covering Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The Group provides financial advisory, brokerage, and private equity services and is active in real estate development and agric... Read more >

Clarifying Acquisition StrategiesAug 2011

When asked to describe his company's current acquisition strategy, a corporate development manager paused for a moment and then responded as follows, "Basically, we look at what comes in over the transom, sniff at it, and then throw in a low-ba... Read more >

Acquisitions and Innovation: ItJun 2012

Below is a summary of Jeff Schmidt's presentation on the complementary relationship between acquisitions and innovation in driving extraordinary growth, which was given at the VIA Leader's Forum XII held in Helsinki, Finland, on February 16, 20... Read more >