Apr 2010CDI Global, Japan, Completes Canon-Océ N.V. Deal, Wins Dutch and Japanese Trade Federation Award

By: Radboud Molijn

Radboud Molijn, partner of CDI Global, Japan, is pleased to announce the completion of the transaction for the acquisition of Dutch printer manufacturer Océ N.V. by Japan's Canon, Inc. for €1.5 billion.   The transaction was awarded a special prize by the Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation in Tokyo at a dinner at the Dutch embassy.

The deal was initiated by CDI Global, Japan, four years ago when the firm identified Océ as an interesting target for Canon.  CDI Global, Japan, approached Mizuho Securities, the investment banking arm of Mizuho Financial Group, one of the three largest Japanese financial holding companies, to arrange financing for the transaction. 

Subsequently, CDI Global, Japan, worked on the project as co-advisor to Mizuho Securities (Canon's advisor) in Tokyo and London. "Our work has not only been the initiation of this transaction, but also acting as Canon's and Mizuho's eyes and ears on the ground, advising on the bidding price and procedure and how to get a number of unwilling institutional investors in our camp," said Molijn.

CDI Global, Japan, is currently working on new assignments with three Japanese banks. The important role of CDI Global in this transaction is widely recognized, and the company has a very good working relationship with other Japanese banks as well.

"Although we expect that the majority of Japan-related transactions will be in-out  --Japanese companies acquiring foreign ones -- we hope to welcome European, American and Asian companies entering Japan through M&A," said Molijn. 

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Radboud Molijn

Author: Radboud Molijn
Radboud Molijn is a managing partner at CDI Japan based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Radboud speaks Dutch, English, French, German and some Japanese. He lived for several years in Japan and he has been involved in company search activities on behalf of European and Japanese clients since 1991. He is also a managing director at Dutch and Japanese Trade Federation (DUJAT).

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