Aug 2011Post-Quake Update from CDI Japan



In the aftermath of the massive earthquake that devastated northeast Japan, Japanese companies have increased their M&A activities to expand abroad. The quake created a disruption of supply chains around the globe, and the continuous problems with Japanese nuclear power plants have driven Japan in the direction of the quick development of alternative sources of sustainable energy production, including the purchase of technologies from overseas.

CDI Japan has added key personnel to its offices, especially in energy and

Yumi Hasegawa
environmental technology, expanding its teams in both Amsterdam and Tokyo.  In mid-May, Yumi Hasegawa joined the Amsterdam office as senior analyst, replacing Dimitri van Schaik, who is continuing his career at Teijin, a CDI Japan client. Yumi speaks Japanese, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish and was one of the first women to enter All Nippon Airways, where she worked in the launching of new international routes in Europe and Oceania and represented the company at International Air Transportation Association conferences. She has additional experience in European financial and advertising sectors, was a journalist for The Japan Times, and worked for a major Japanese firm in the healthcare sector. Her research and international management experience are key assets she brings to CDI Japan.

In Tokyo, CDI Japan's core team now includes:

Masashi Imai
Masashi, partner, worked for 20 years as a system engineer at a Japanese 

Masahi Imai
securities house and then built a career as a trader and seller of financial products such as FX, Bond, and financial derivatives for institutional investors at various banks. In 2000, he established his own company, specializing in private equity funds and financial advisory businesses, including M&A. His recent interest and experience in environmental issues add expertise to CDI Japan's expansion into green energy as well as environmental technologies.

Takeshi Yoshida
Takeshi, project manager, worked for more 

Takeshi Yoshida
than 10 years as a corporate financial expert at a Japanese securities house, which focused on underwriting transactions for equity finance. He then built a career in capital markets as a trader and seller of financial products for institutional investors. Beginning in 1997, his work focused on development and implementation of advanced products for R&D, partnership establishment, and marketing as a business development director, and in 2007, he established his own company specializing in business development, financial advisory, M&A, and IPO consultation. Takeshi, too, brings expertise to CDI Japan in environmental technology innovation.

Mutsuko Matsuki
Mutsuko, assistant, began her professional career in the travel industry, where she gained broad international experience, and then moved her career to banking. Over

Mutsuko Matsuki
the past 10 years she has been active in the field of foreign exchange.


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