The inaugural issue of the CDI Global quarterly newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the CDI Global Quarterly Newsletter, our way of keeping you abreast of the changes, challenges, and, most of all, opportunities in the mergers and acquisitions middle market around the world.

Tor Morne
Tor Morne

Morne and Sommer See Growth Returning to M&A Mid-Market and Advise Clients To Buy NowJul 2009

Tor: It is substantially down from 2006 and even further down from the peak year we had in 2000.   I do hope and believe that we are now somewhere at the bottom of the effect of the crisis and that we will see slow growth again, whi... Read more >

Brazil: A Leader in Economic RecoveryJul 2009

And while the global economic crisis did create problems similar to those in other countries --a credit crunch, significant job losses, an increase in default rates and bank spread -- the Brazilian government took immediate measures to aid the pro... Read more >

Jan R.E. Jarne
Jan R.E. Jarne

Indian Economy Shows Strong Potential for Growth in 2010Jul 2009

Comment The recently announced Indian Budget is expected to put India on a path of rapid economic growth in the medium term through several tax relief provisions and enhancing investments in infrastructure and education.  It lays the foundat... Read more >

Unwrapping the Russian Riddle: An Opportunity for BelieversJul 2009

The relative lack of investment in Russia is disturbing because, within the past decade, Russia not only has achieved outstanding macroeconomic results with strong GDP growth, budget and foreign trade surpluses, and lowered inflation rates but has... Read more >

Maxim Skobtsov
Maxim Skobtsov
Stefan Kracht
Stefan Kracht

Signs of China's Recovery MixedJul 2009

Recent indicators show that the Chinese economy may be on its way to recovery though signs remain mixed. Given the size and diversification of domestic markets, we believe that Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIEs) should pursue opportunities arisin... Read more >

The Future of China's Auto IndustryJul 2009

A Bullish Automotive Market It was a tough first and second quarter for the global automotive industry in 2009. Sales in the U.S. and Japan continued to tumble and Germany, Europe's main market, mostly thrived on small car sales. Meanwhile Ch... Read more >

Stefan Kracht
Stefan Kracht
Peter Bohnenblust
Peter Bohnenblust

CDI Adds The Corporate Finance Group to Its NetworkJul 2009

Established in 2000 by five partners from the M&A/Corporate Finance Department of Ernst and Young, TCFG also specializes in cross-border transactions and last year completed the largest transaction ($500 million) as lead advisor in the company... Read more >

Research Articles Featured in this EditionJul 2009

"Mergers and Persistence" Jeffrey Jaffe, David Pedersen, Torben Voetmann Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (2008) The ability to create shareholder value through mergers and acquisitions has been studied by many... Read more >

CDI Global Introduces New Branding LogoJul 2009

  The new logo resulted from a decision made by the CDI Management Committee in late 2008 to evaluate and update the brand image of the firm.  Committee members directed Meinecke to present them with a design that preserved the fundamen... Read more >

CN Finance Joins CDI Global Network Jul 2009

CNF specializes in medium-sized transactions, and through its Polish partner, may also conclude transactions in Poland, Romania, and Turkey. Typical clients are entrepreneurs who set up their businesses after the fall of communism but have since ... Read more >

The Professionalization of M&A: A Look Back and a View forward at CDI GlobalJul 2009

CDINEWS: When you look back at your history with the company and you look at changes in the market over that time, what are, other than some immediate crisis, the biggest changes you've seen in the market over that time? Bo: The most ch... Read more >

CDI Partnership with Celerant Consulting, Inc., Offers Clients End-to-End Maximization of Business ValueJul 2009

Last year Celerant delivered over €600m/$1bn in annualized sustainable savings to its clients, and over the last 20 years it has become the largest independent firm of business operations consultants. "Celerant and CDI Global both place ... Read more >