Atotech acquires Pegastech plating on plastics technology

Technology leader Atotech expands plating on plastics portfolio

Berlin, January 16, 2017: In December 2016, Atotech has acquired plating on plastics technology developed by Pegastech, a French specialty chemicals company.

Pegastech has developed a technology for plating on plastics that does not use hexavalent chromium or palladium compounds for the pretreatment of polymers prior to electroplating. The acquisition supports Atotech’s long-term goal of promoting sustainable surface finishing technologies. The process replaces hazardous chemicals while saving resources, and it is fully compatible with industrial equipment and processing cycles. Product development finalization, testing and launching of the new process is scheduled for 2017.

The core benefits of the acquired technology are:

Hexavalent chromium-free etch

Palladium-free activator

Compatibility with a wide range of polymers including ABS, ABS-PC, 2K components

Avoidance of rack-metallization

Compatibility with existing plating lines at plating on plastics surface finishing companies

This technology is an excellent addition to Atotech’s current plating on plastics portfolio, including a hexavalent chromium pretreatment technology currently in development that will also be ready for market release this year.

“We are delighted to join forces with Pegastech and to continue setting industry benchmarks by creating leading plating on plastics technologies,” says Werner Richtering, R&D Manager for General Metal Finishing at Atotech. “The launch of both our new technologies will bring plastics pretreatment to a new level. This is an exciting time for Atotech, as we will soon be able to deliver solutions that meet a diverse set of requirements.”

“We are pleased to see the results of our R&D work and the experience from the first production trials are being integrated into a company whose worldwide presence and surface finishing competence make it the market leader in decorative surface finishing,” adds Sébastien Roussel, Chief Executive Officer of Pegastech.

For decades, Atotech has been leading the development of decorative coatings and plating on plastics. The company’s innovative strength and expertise is manifested in the enormous product portfolio of cost-effective and environmentally sound production processes. From pretreatments to copper, nickel and chrome processes for decorative applications on metal substrates or plastic materials, Atotech covers a wide spectrum of solutions. With the acquisition of Pegastech’s Cr(VI) and palladium-free plating on plastics technology Atotech further expands its technological leadership.

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About Atotech

Atotech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and equipment for the printed circuit board, IC-substrate and semiconductor industries, as well as for the decorative and functional surface finishing industries. Atotech has annual sales of USD1.1 billion. The company is fully committed to sustainability – we develop technologies to minimize waste and to reduce environmental impact. Atotech has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and employs more than 4,000 people in over 40 countries.

About Pegastech

Pegastech is a French specialty chemicals company and was formed in 2009 by Sebastien Roussel and Christian Maennel as a spin-off from CEA (Commissariat a l’énergie atomique). Based in Gif-sur-Yvette, France, Pegastech is dedicated to the design and supply of eco-efficient chemical processes for industries and has developed its own technologies. Following Atotech’s acquisition of the plating on plastics technology Pegastech continues to provide products and services to the treatment of industrial effluents market.

Pegastech was advised by Lionel Canis at CDI Global France.

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