Ground Master Engineering Acquisition

Role of CDI Office

CDI was engaged in a two Stage process. Stage 1 was initially to evaluate whether the clients business should be divested. It was agreed this would occur, however during the marketing phase the economic downturn made this the wrong time to sell.
Stage 2 occurred at a later date. A suitable acquisition target was identified and CDI was engaged to review the business fundamentals of the target and assist the client during the Non Binding letter of Offer, Due Diligence and Sale Contract stage.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Acquisition of an identified target. This involved;

Description of Client

Since 1975 GME has been a manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of products for Defence, Automotive, Transport, Mining & Construction and more recently, the Aviation industry. With extensive research and development expertise, GME can design, develop and prototype or modify of any new or existing products from large scale specialist refrigeration units to precision laser cutting and a vast range of specialised Materials Handling, storage and transport equipment.

Description of the Westlink

The Westlink Group is a full-service engineering company, with the in-house know-how, personnel, equipment and facilities to provide outstanding end-to-end engineering services.

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