Invivo acquires Pancosma

InVivo NSA, an animal nutrition and health leader based in France, announced Sept. 5 2014 that it has reached an agreement to acquire Pancosma, a Switzerland-based worldwide leader of physiological feed additives.

InVivo Animal Nutrition & Health ranks among the world leaders in its sector, with revenues of $1.8 billion and a presence in 19 countries. The rapidly-expanding group is eager to quickly consolidate its position in the fast growing sector of specialty additives, the announcement said.

Pancosma was founded in 1947 and has, for more than 65 years, been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative feed additives worldwide. It is active in a range of seven different product lines such as flavoring and sweetening palatants, bioactives, organic trace minerals, vegetable-based charcoals, acidifiers blends and TakTik’s. The company offers transversal tailor-made solutions for specific needs.

Pancosma owns manufacturing plants in five different countries: France, Switzerland, Canada, Poland and China. Each one is specialized in the manufacturing of one or several product ranges, ensuring a high level of manufacturing process know-how and better risk control.

InVivo NSA chief executive officer Hubert de Roquefeuil said, “Acquiring Pancosma allows InVivo NSA to become a major actor in the specialty additive market while complementing our existing additive offering through our Neovia brand. This acquisition is fully in line with our strong investment in innovation (building of a world innovation center in France) and illustrates our clear priority given to build an innovative range of products adapted to evolving customer needs.

“By working closely with the existing Pancoma management, we will now focus on enabling the synergies between our two businesses and create a new efficient and dynamic additive business unit. This acquisition also reflects our strategy of development and balance between our five activities: complete feed, firm-services and premixes, specialty additives, analysis laboratories and animal health,” Roquefeuil added.

Daniel Kofel, Pancosma CEO and one of its major shareholders, explained, “This acquisition will allow Pancosma to pursue and accelerate its development strategy while benefiting from InVivo’s worldwide footprint and research and development capabilities.”

Financial details were not disclosed at this time. Subject to customary conditions, the transaction is expected to close before the end of the year.

The Invivo Animal Nutrition & Health Group operates five main businesses: complete feeds, premixes, additives, analysis laboratories and animal health. It employs 5,500 people in 19 countries and 65 production sites.

Transaction management:

Philippe Tischhauser, CDI Global Geneva
Peter Bohnenblust, CDI Global Bern


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