Wilhelmsen acquires Maritime Protection

Environmentally friendly shipping

We are proud that Wilhelmsen and Yara now takes SOx cleaning of ships on. CDI Global initiated the project as part of the development and divestiture plan of the company Maritime Protection, which Wilhelmsen bought this summer.

More than an M & A advisor
CDI Global wants to help in our customers’ innovation processes through the purchase and sale of businesses that can accelerate these processes and contribute to increased competitiveness globally.
Wilhelmsen’s acquisition of Maritime Protection, where CDI Global represented the sellers, gave Wilhelmsen enhanced global sales and service networks , as well as an important entry into the market for the cleaning of emissions from vessels.

Consolidations in the maritime sector
CDI believes that it is necessary for companies in the marine equipment industry to consolidate into larger entities in order to maintain a global market position. Smaller Norwegian niche companies should become part of larger units and hence keep jobs and develop new products in a wider global context. We believe that the owners of Maritime Protection achieved this by divesting Maritime Protection to Wilhelmsen.

Transaction Manager:
Tor Morne

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