Preparation (6-7 weeks)

  • Acquisition Concept
  • Industry Research
  • Long List
  • Initial Contacting
  • Request for Information

Execution (5-6 weeks)

  • Target Analysis
  • Preliminary Valuation
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Short List
  • Non-Binding Offer

Due Diligence (5-6 weeks)

  • Initial Due Diligence
  • Continuing Valuation
  • Financing Options
  • Binding Bid
  • Draft SPA

Closing (6-7 weeks)

  • Confirmatory Due Diligence
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Negotiations
  • Signing and Closing
  • Regulatory Clearance

Buy Side Process

  • Help develop the stated/unstated criteria for searching and selecting acquisition targets that fit with the client's business requirements and meet corporate financial hurdles
  • Clarify and document (as needed) the acquisitions component of the client's growth strategy
  • Identify and explore promising fields of interest to focus our search efforts on the right geographic, product line and industry sector opportunities
  • Develop a long-list of targets and then refine a short-list of the best acquisition opportunities (in terms of strategic fit and financial viability for the client)
  • Contact the top targets and initiate discussions about a possible transaction
  • Introduce the client to the targets and commence negotiations (indicative offer)
  • Support completion of confirmatory due diligence, final negotiations (definitive offer) and closing activities