Preparation (6-7 weeks)

  • Defining the buyer profile with you
  • Preparation of a long list of potential buyers
  • Creation with you of a qualified short list of companies to be approached
  • Preparation of a teaser and confidentiality agreement to be sent for the first contact with potential buyers
  • Preparation of information memorandum describing your company in detail

Execution (5-6 weeks)

  • Prepare marketing materials about your company and its value drivers
  • Develop a customized marketing program to sell your company
  • Identify prospective buyers worldwide
  • Market your company on a confidential basis
  • Secure expressions of interest or indications of value
  • Schedule and conduct management presentations and site visits

Due Diligence (5-6 weeks)

  • Analyze offers and terms to help you decide upon the best offer
  • Manage key relationships with buyers
  • Negotiate the Letter of Intent
  • Coordinate the due diligence process
  • Assist with negotiations of the definitive purchase agreement

Closing (6-7 weeks)

  • Work with your attorneys to draft the definitive purchase and sale agreement
  • Help to resolve any open issues between the parties
  • Coordinate with you and the buyer on strategic planning issues
  • Close the transaction

Sell Side Process

  • Selling a business is a complex process that requires thorough preparation and skillful presentation for identifying the right buyers along with sophisticated negotiation skills.
  • Given our global reach and industry knowledge, CDI Global often knows some immediate, best candidates for acquiring a business
  • We work closely with sellers to help prepare their business for sale, to present the business to a carefully targeted group of national and international buyers, and to negotiate a transaction that meets all of the seller's objectives.
  • As an expert sell-side advisor, we guide clients through each step of the sales process, including helping to overcome challenges, advocating throughout the deal, and leveraging our decades of experience to successfully close the transaction.