Competitive Differentiation

CDI Global

 Investment Bank

Geared for searches under $250 million in enterprise value

Geared for searches over $250 million in enterprise value

Highest success rates highest for medium-sized to small transactions

High success rates for large transactions and auctions but do not focus on middle market deals

Earns fees from company search and related consulting services...our core business

Earns fees primarily from financing transactions and from commercial lending and other offerings

Searches for strategic fit by leveraging deep industry expertise and global networks

Searches for  financial fit and current availability through secondary research and solicitations

Successful transaction determined on the basis of strategic fit and competitive perspectives

Completing the transaction from legal and financing perspectives defines success

Maintains confidentiality of client and strategy until end of target engagement process

May divulge client name immediately to get access to sellers

Proprietary intelligence gathering by industry knowledgeable and experienced partners

Client sales contacts are by senior partners but frequently most work done by junior staff

Focus on getting the right deal into play with right strategic target companies and getting to a close at the right price

Focus on companies already for sale
Circulate information memoranda widely to potential buyers