Oil, Gas & Shipping

Within the Oil, Gas & Shipping industries, CDI Global has completed a number of transactions, up to $200m.

Shipping, Oil & Gas are sectors where there is a degree of consolidation taking place, due to changes in the markets.
In Shipping, activity is moving eastward and Oil & Gas is moving southwards towards South-America and Africa. With China now being the world’s biggest ship builder the ships equipment industry is consolidating in order to meet the competition from Asia.
In Oil & Gas we see a weakening of prices per barrel and declining investments in the development of new oil fields. Drilling companies and oil service suppliers are experiencing difficult times.

Our CDI Global professionals are experienced and dedicated specialists who can locate and interview appropriate candidates on a face-to-face basis.

We have completed numerous search and sell mandates in these sectors. Industry experts, as well as country partners in Europe and the USA, constitute our base from which to compose our global teams.

Confidentiality is vital:
As an independent firm, we are free to approach potential candidates without prematurely revealing our client’s identity.

Our structured and phased approaches are key to our historically high success rate for search assignments.

This industry is led from CDI Global Norway, located in Kristiansand and Oslo.
Sector head: Tor Morne

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