Martín J. Arocena
+598 2605 66 53

Martín Arocena is the Managing Director of CDI Global Latin America (Criteria Capital Partners)

Martín Arocena is a CDI Global Affiliate based in Montevideo, Uruguay. He focuses on the Southern Cone countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

Mr. Arocena has worked for more than 15 years as a CFO for both local and multinational corporations within the sectors of Finance, Industrial Engineering and IT – Software & Services.

He has a proven track record of providing financial expertise and organizational advice to various stakeholders throughout the Southern Cone. Martín played a key role in managing business relations with international customers, including performing financial analysis on various projects spanning the globe.

Martín sits on the board of several companies due to his extensive experience in M&A transactions throughout the Southern Cone, including significant contributions to the formation of an international IT joint venture company in 2005.

Martín holds the Chartered Public Accountant designation, earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management at ORT University and has completed multiple Finance, Taxes and Business executive programs.

Martin is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.