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CDI Global’s Historic First Virtual AGM

This September, CDI Global hosted its first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM). The move to a digital platform was necessitated by the 2020 global health crisis that limited travel options and in-person gatherings. However, this also allowed a larger cross section of attendees, with participants hailing from 30 countries and 18 time zones. The first virtual CDI Global AGM was history making both for the new virtual platform and for being the largest participated AGM to date. Daniel Boutmy, Managing Partner of CDI Global LatAm, chaired the planning committee that developed the format, and led program and technology support for the AGM. The schedule was well structured in advance to make the most out of the time allotted, covering key topics while remaining accessible to a global audience.

Jeff Schmidt, Executive Managing Director and CEO of CDI Global, opened the three-day conference by introducing Pedralbes Partners, the newest CDI Global member firm in Mexico. Demian Esser, a founding partner of Pedralbes, provided an overview of the new CDI partner firm’s history, capabilities, successes, and introduced key members of their team. The balance of the first day program focused on innovation. CDI Global partners, Mischa Perrenoud (Switzerland) and Jacques Drouin (Canada) described recent developments, including two new virtual deal platforms known as Dealartis and Agora. Johan DeGeer (CDI Vietnam) introduced a client that made a live demonstration of the Agora platform. The AGM participants discussed how technology and innovative practices are changing the M&A landscape and how CDI is meeting that challenge through its own investments.

Mark Ledger-Beadell, Managing Partner of CDI Global UK and Day One AGM Moderator, stated “The participation has been unprecedented. It’s wonderful that the virtual platform means we can include so many members from around the world who might not normally be able to attend in person.”

Moderated by Cesare Tocchio, Managing Partner of CDI Global Italy, Day Two focused on CDI Global’s industry groups. These professional practice groups are strategically important to CDI Global. They provide capabilities and skilled resources that are essential for sourcing and executing cross-border mandates. Industry capabilities also help our members source large transactions and multi-country buy-side searches that engage many network firms. In addition to presentations by existing industry group leaders, CDI Global introduced its new practice focused on capital raising, which included key presentations by Jean Desmarais (CDI Canada) and Christian Saxenhammer (CDI Germany).

“The incredible breadth of professional industry experience among our members is what really sets CDI Global apart from other M&A firms. The insight that their experience brings, coupled with our presence in virtually every major market, is invaluable for finding unique opportunities for our clients,” noted Bo Hjelt, CDI Global’s founder and honorary chairman.

The third and final day of the AGM compromised Deal Exchange presentations, including pitches on buy side, sell side, and capital raise projects. Craig Dickens (Seattle office), CDI Global’s Managing Director for Marketing and Technology, moderated sixteen mandates and pitches, presented by CDI Global partners from every region across the world.

“The virtual platform is of particular value for our members when pitching in Deal Exchanges, as it facilitates collaboration among member firms, leverages global expertise, and is well-suited for cross-border transactions,” said Craig.

We look forward to building on this success and incorporating more members and clients into our digital platform to better connect in whatever region you need us.

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