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Gary Jack

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Gary Jack is a Partner with CDI Global North America in the Dallas office.

Gary Jack has over 30 years of experience in capital markets, as well as an experienced entrepreneur, investment banker, and angel investor. Mr. Jack has advised many leading companies, participates and serves in an advisory capacity to several middle-market company boards. Having participated in virtually every kind of business dynamic from start-up to IPO, merger to an acquisition, Mr. Jack serves clients by guiding them toward a strategic path to rapid growth, business optimization, and profitable exit. Mr. Jack’s most recent activity has involved a $90 Million successful exit for an Environmental Services Company to a Strategic Buyer, a $30 Million successful exit for a Building Products Company to a Strategic Buyer, a $75 Million successful exit for a Technology Enabled Company to a Strategic Buyer, and a successful exit for a $25 Million Consumer Product Good Manufacturer to a Private Equity Firm. Mr. Jack serves on the venture management committee for a portfolio of growth companies in the Tech-Enabled Business Services area that involves a solution to publishers other than FAANG, (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Google) that provides an outsourced end to end technology company enabled platforms for the publishing industry with 500 Million users, professional content generation platforms, rights distribution for entertainment licensing, Block-chain tech for optimizing distribution supply chain, intelligent marine navigation, security, fuel optimization, data services and tech product enabled distribution company related to Tesla car owners and insurance companies and manufacturers that have vested interest in Tesla customer experience, and an experiential marketing company for influencer and crowd sourcing to consumer product company’s direct to consumer marketing efforts. These operators are for the most part self-coders who have completed exits to companies like Google,, as well as multi-billion IPOs.

Mr. Jack is also involved in eSports and presently advises two dynamic companies in the largest market capitalization arena today that eclipses Media and Entertainment in terms of size. Additionally, Mr. Jack has advised the largest professional service firms globally on their technology and software applications that involve topical law reporting, tax processing, tax and legal research and cost recovery. Mr. Jack’s reach and access to world-class buyers and capital partners are strategically selected in the service of all clients. Mr. Jack ensures the results CDI achieves for clients encompass entrepreneurial creativity, tenacity, and often, out-of-the-box strategic marketing and structures not offered by large corporate banks.

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