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John Nevado

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John Nevado is a Senior Advisor with CDI Global North America in the Chicago office.

John Nevado is Senior Advisor and Search Partner for CDI Global in North America. He has extensive global experience in key industry sectors including ag business, travel and hospitality, and real estate. He was formerly the President of Nevado Roses, a family-owned business that he founded in Ecuador. John previously was the owner of a horticultural trading business. John’s past experience also includes working at NATO headquarters and at the European Commission. He is the Founder of several computer security companies and a Board Member of many non-profit organizations, including Faces of AIDS, a project that employs young correspondents around the globe to document and present the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Among other achievements, the project produced the opening film for the Global HIV/AIDS Conference in Bangkok in 2004, as well as for many of the previous conferences. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for c/o Hotels and Sonanz.

John is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He also has studied at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and the Jackson School of Global Affairs at Yale University.

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