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Manfred Beinhauer

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After completing his Master of Business Administration at University of Göttingen and UNC Chapel Hill, Manfred started his own Consulting business providing advice to banks and financial services institutions with regards to process and cost management. He then joined UBS and held various management roles in the Investment Bank in Finance, Risk and Infrastructure areas in Frankfurt, London and Zürich. He served as COO/CRO of the Frankfurt entity and also as COO of UBS Investment Bank Switzerland. He then joined Hypotheken Management, a service provider for loan processing as Head of the board, and worked as COO/CRO at Prime Capital, the leading specialist for Alternative Investments in Germany.

Manfred brings a broad base of know-how and experience with him, covering Investment Banking, Wealth and Asset Management as well as Retail banking and loan management. As part of his roles, he has been involved in a number of restructuring transactions, e.g. in-house mergers / spin-offs at UBS, the acquisition of an Asset Management Boutique by UBS, and the sale of Hypotheken Management.

Manfred holds an MBA and Ph.D. from University of Göttingen and has participated in a number of executive training programs at HSG (University of St. Gallen) and Insead, France.

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