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Patrice Noailles

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Patrice has developed a strong relationship with many family offices.

Over the years he has worked with clients from a wide range of industries including the energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, financial, food and beverage, micro-electronics and web. Patrice read engineering at Ecole Centrale De Paris and has a master’s degree in Science from Po Paris. Previously he has worked for Elf Aquitaine (now TOTAL), Société Générale (Bank) and Hottinguer Bank. Currently Patrice is President of a think tank on innovation (Froum des politiques d’innovation). He is also a Senior lecturer of innovation at the University of Evry and has published several books and papers. Most notably a book named “De Gaulle & Technology”, with a preamble by Stanley Hoffmann, and a foreword by Jacques Chirac.

Further to this he is the executive president of Seillans Investment, a private Fund for innovation; Member of the board of ATLAMED investment fund, Casablanca – Morocco. Whilst he is a native French speaking he also speaks English as well.

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