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Trilingual EU citizen with 12+ years work experience from USA and China. Diverse company and industry experience consistently focused on creating value and strategic improvements. Fluent Mandarin speaker, 8 years in China, relied upon to advise senior executives and manage small teams.

Present career based in senior B2B Business Development role in Human Resources and Corporate Services outsourcing industry. Tomas has extensive China work experience including for Baidu, Shanghai Media Group (SMG), and Shanghai Foreign Services Group (FSG). He also worked for one of the largest Chinese P2P fintech companies and developed M&A opportunities between Europe and China.

He holds MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.

Tomas builds trusting relationships and has extensive resources from his work for the World Bank Group in Washington DC, China work experience and USA and China alma meter.

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