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M&A in the Automotive Sector

2019 marks a slow start for deal values in the automotive sector due to a decrease in megadeals, but the overall deal volume is holding steady to historical averages. The forecast is still favorable due to the development of new technologies, spurring an increase of cross-border and cross-sector opportunities.

The complex nature of value chains in the automotive industry creates a uniquely challenging environment. This requires a thorough understanding of how leading executives drive business decisions from the OEM/supplier relationships to the financial and logistical nuances accompanying global trade.

The rapid evolution of hybrid/electric and autonomous vehicles make the automotive sector a dynamic marketplace for products, services and infrastructure. Staying abreast of these industry trends will present opportunities for forward thinking automotive sector companies.

CDI Global Expertise

At CDI Global, our team of senior bankers utilize decades of experience to implement and execute upon cross-border M&A, debt and equity transactions vital to maintaining competitive positioning. Our proven transaction execution capabilities, combined with niche market and channel expertise, position CDI Global as a leading cross-border M&A advisor in the automotive industry.

CDI Global Automotive Sector Leader

  1. Gabriele Coccini (Italy)
  2. John L. Illes (USA)

CDI Global Automotive Team Members

  1. Lionel Canis (France)
  2. Georg Lange (Germany)
  3. Scott Taylor (UK)
  4. Jose Maria Varas (Spain)


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