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M&A in the Infrastructure, Construction & Materials Sector

Average deal size and overall volume in this industry is growing quarter on quarter, but not year on year.  While industry fundamentals remain strong the markets may see further turbulence due to key global events like Brexit.

In the UK and the Eurozone, there were over 300 deals in 2018 with about a quarter ‘inbound’. However in the US M&A market, as buyers aggressively pursue inorganic growth to increase scale, market position, and profitability, we should see even more M&A activity. Infrastructure spending initiatives in the US may also further fuel M&A transactions.

Within-border transactions dominate the M&A activity both by volume and value. Building products can be transportable and suit cross border M&A; straight contracting less so.

There is however growth in construction technology acquisitions. Technology companies are increasingly active in the space with increased M&A focus, a situation that could potentially relegate construction companies to customers rather than suppliers of construction technology.

CDI Global Expertise

At CDI Global, our team has local and global experience of the broad construction market and seeks to specifically explore those segments that lend themselves to cross border M&A. Our proven transaction execution capabilities, combined with niche market expertise, position CDI Global as a leading cross-border M&A advisor in the infrastructure and construction industry.

CDI Global Infrastructure, Construction & Materials Sector Leaders

  1. Nick DeVaney (USA)
  2. Mark Ledger-Beadell (England)

CDI Global Infrastructure, Construction & Materials Team Members

  1. Roman Pongracz (Austria)
  2. Sean Yoshizawa (Japan)
  3. Brian Sommer (USA)
  4. Mischa Perrenoud (Switzerland)

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