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Several Building and Construction markets are expected to experience stable growth, fueling M&A activity.

Global interest rates have remained low for a significant period of time while unemployment rates have dropped in several key geographic markets. The combination of these trends has led to increased building activity in residential and commercial sectors.  The market for non-building construction has also increased as countries continue to invest in their infrastructure.  While growth rates are not expected to match the construction boom of the early to mid 2000’s, the expected stability of the Building and Construction markets has led to mega-deals, such as the merger of Lafarge and Holcim, as well as several middle-market transactions across the sector.

We have vast experience in Building and Construction. Our professionals have worked in key international locations in these sectors, including the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We have advised clients in important industry sub-segments in which include heavy building materials, mining equipment, plumbing supplies, prefabricated building parts, insulation technologies, HVAC Systems and Signs.  We have a strong international network of active professionals, which have assisted both buyers and sellers in this market.  Our wide knowledge of the sector and our extensive network can be leveraged by our clients to identify and close the right transactions.

Defining the Building & Construction sector:
The building and construction sector is a wide industry segment ranging from residential to industrial. The projects can be small to very large and the range of companies supporting this sector through materials, consultancy services, project management, distribution, wholesale, retail, trades and sales is equally large. The sector has a range of companies from large global conglomerates down to very small businesses. This provides many opportunities for consolidation or new product development.

CDI Global Building and Construction Team:

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