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M&A in the Fashion & Leisure Sector

Over the past year (2018), there has been a rise in acquisitions in the luxury retail space, totaling billions of dollars. Consolidation is a major trend for fashion brands, making the number of players in the industry even smaller.

While most of the M&A Fashion frenzy is centered in Europe, the interest in acquisitions from Asian investors cannot be overlooked. One of the primary reasons for the continued interest from overseas investors is the industry’s growth potential.

With the overall growth seen throughout the industry, what would entice these luxury companies to sell? Data from Bain’s luxury report noted that few companies managed profitable growth, even with the majority of companies experiencing revenue swells. Conglomerates with multiple brands have been consistently more profitable, which provides M&A incentives.

CDI Global Expertise

At CDI Global, our team of experts draw upon their decades of experience working across borders to consult and strategize the best available deals and entry points. CDI Global’s proven transactional execution capabilities, combined with specialists who know the pulse of fashion and leisure M&A, make us a leading advisor in this sector.

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