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M&A in the Food & Agriculture Sector

Food & Agriculture is one of the world’s most important industries, with over a $5 trillion value, representing 10% of global consumer spending and employing 40% of the global workforce. The world’s growing population coupled with rising incomes have led to an increased demand for food, feed, ingredients, and associated goods and materials. This demand is projected to continue rising well into the foreseeable future. While the Food & Agriculture sector remains largely fragmented, it has been able to consolidate more and more into large, integrated operations.

Irrespective of sector, size, and type of operations, numerous forces are reshaping the global Food & Agriculture industry leading to a spate of new business models, consolidation, and increased M&A activity. For acquisitions or divestments, this presents tremendous opportunities.

But Food & Agriculture is not easy. The value chain can be long and complex, markets can be volatile, competition intense, margins thin, and performance can hinge on a range of unpredictable factors, often in unfamiliar or developing geographies. This value chain provides an ever-growing pool of investment opportunities. At present, over 440 funds are operating in this sector, managing $73 Billion in assets.

CDI Global Expertise

With firm roots in local soil but with a worldwide presence, CDI Global helps you discover the most extraordinary opportunities. CDI’s proven transaction execution capabilities, expertise, universal relationships and creativity assists you in successfully identifying the right strategic partners to realize the highest valuations.

CDI Global has extensive knowledge of the dynamic and innovative changes occurring in the global Food & Agriculture industry and knows the insights to advise on complex M&A deals, fundraisings and provide comprehensive corporate finance services. CDI Global bankers understand competitive pressures, globalization trends and have expertise on the ground in each territory. All these attributes positions CDI Global as a leading middle-market cross-border M&A advisor within the Food & Agriculture industry.

CDI Global advises private businesses, public companies, multinationals, venture capitalists and buyout funds throughout the world. Our Food & Agricultural team has successfully advised and closed deals in excess of $ 1 billion.

CDI Global Food & Agriculture Sector Leaders

  1. Martin J. Arocena (Uruguay)
  2. Mischa Perrenoud (Switzerland)

CDI Global Food & Agriculture Regional Contacts

  1. John Nevado (USA)
  2. Daniel Senger (China)
  3. Mischa Perrenoud (Switzerland)
  4. Daniel Boutmy (Uruguay)

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