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M&A in Household Goods

The Household Goods market is subject to constant challenges, innovations, and transformations. Smart technology and the transition to more energy-efficient appliances make M&A in this marketplace a continually evolving prospect.

The market is mostly driven by consumer spending which includes various factors, such as per-capita income, household debt levels, and consumer expectations. Worldwide the spending on household goods is expected to increase constantly at a CAGR of 2.8% between 2017 and 2022. While this industry shows temperate growth, one of the noted upticks predicted is outbound deals for US companies, particularly focused at Asian markets. At the same time, Japan has shown focus on Europe.

Smart appliances and environment-friendly and energy-efficient appliances are key to increasing market shares in the future. For this reason, the companies have started to fight back and reclaim the market share invaded by innovative startups. Those companies are looking for opportunities to diversify and add new technologies and consumer segments to their brands.

Convergence, instead of consolidation, is becoming a key driver for M&A activity for growth-focused deals.

CDI Global Expertise

Our CDI Global team brings decades of experience consulting on M&A in the Household Goods industries. We understand how to navigate the ever-changing industry to uncover key opportunities that match your exact goals in this sector. Our history of working with cross-border transactions, and knowledge of industry market trends, makes us the leading choice when seeking an M&A advisor.

CDI Global Household Goods Industry Leader

  1. Domenico Sibilio (Italy)

CDI Global Household Goods Team Members

  1. Roman Pongracz (Italy)
  2. Daniel Philip Senger (China)
  3. Daniel Boutmy (Uruguay)
  4. Abhijeet Karwa (India)
  5. Lionel Canis (France)


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