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M&A in the Industrial Services, Suppliers & Logistics (Shipping)

Industrial Services sector is growing at a 5%-6% average rate whilst involved in a clear consolidation process. Low operating margins have made scale one of the major drivers stimulating M&A activity and  portfolio diversification, while new niche markets and the adoption of new technologies are key factors stimulating M&A transactions. In addition, when looking at cross-border transactions, differences between countries’ regulatory environments are making large players look for well established companies in their target markets.

These trends are expected to be stable over the next few years: 1. Clients have found that by outsourcing support services, they increase their operational efficiency, keeping their commercial and industrial assets adapted to their business needs and in excellent operational conditions. 2. Despite its low profitability, cashflow generation is stable in the Industrial Services sector and it has proven to be defensive and even anti cyclical.

CDI Global Expertise

At CDI Global, our team provides years of experience in transactional execution in the Industrial Services sector. We understand the niche markets and channels, as well as the key global regions, to find and secure the best possible opportunities. Local support and global reach make CDI Global an ideal partner to efficiently conduct M&A processes either locally or internationally.

CDI Global Industrial Services, Suppliers & Logistics (Shipping) Sector Leaders

  1. Eduardo Gonzalez-Gallarza (Spain)
  2. Jocelyn Dumas (Canada)

CDI Global Industrial Services, Suppliers & Logistics (Shipping) Team Members

  1. Lionel Canis (France)
  2. Gabriele Coccini (Italy)
  3. Domenico Costa (Italy)
  4. Paolo Dini (Italy)
  5. Paul Muir (USA)


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