CDI Global specializes in generating successful exits for private owners, corporates and private equity backed enterprises alike.

We work with our clients to develop an appropriate strategy to generate successful exits.
In many cases we are working with companies that are looking to exit in several years’ time. The timing of the approach to exit is a key determinant in its success.

List of purchasers:
We work with our clients to derive a list of potential strategic purchasers. In some instances our clients have an initial list of potential purchasers, but in all cases the targets are derived from our own extensive and focused research.

Teaser and Information Memorandum:
Our Divestment methodology involves the CDI Partner understanding the business, which then enables us to develop an information memorandum which explains the business to interested buyers. This is a document that sets out the business in a positive manner but does not shy away from key issues. This document is sent to interested companies and investors under an appropriate confidentiality agreement and is the major document upon which potential purchasers are encouraged to bid. By keeping several bidders actively involved we aim to create a competitive environment thus improving the exit value for our clients.

Transaction management:
We manage transaction process. The project facilitation is crucial as CDI can explain the business and involve the business managers at appropriate stages. We stay closely involved throughout the transaction, frequently unlocking situations between lawyers or principals.

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 How to Sell Your Business , produced by CDI Global UK.

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