Our role starts with an assessment of the true viability of a buy-out, based on an analysis of the potential transaction and our understanding of the funding marketplace.

We are highly experienced in the conduct of management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs). We recognise that most management teams are unfamiliar with the process and require professional support through what can be a roller coaster of emotions.

Working closely with management teams:
We work closely with management teams to develop a business plan which is tailored to the requirements of the potential funders. We aim to match MBO teams with funders that are focused on their sector and size of business, and importantly, are appropriate in terms of the growth prospects of the business. On the other side of the transaction we lead negotiations with the vendor, whether they be retiring shareholders or corporates.

Our role:
Our role is to keep negotiations with funders and vendors moving smoothly to completion, leaving the management team to focus on the vital running of the business.

Changes in economic conditions create opportunities. Opportunity has been the catalyst of many an MBO.


How to Run an MBO , produced by CDI Global UK.

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