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CDI Global celebrates its 50th anniversary at Annual General Meeting

This year's Annual General Meeting, which we refer to as the AGM, was held in Amsterdam. This is an important location for CDI Global because we are headquartered in the Netherlands, in the Hague, about 45 minutes out of Amsterdam. But more importantly, this year's meeting was particularly noteworthy because it represents the 50th anniversary of CDI Global.

We were founded in 1973, initially with an office in Brussels. But over the five ensuing decades we have grown to nearly 50 offices in 30 countries. In attendance at this year’s AGM we had representatives from 20 countries. These were the senior most partners, country managing partners and industry group leaders that are domiciled in the various member firms.

We had networking events and social events that included families and was highlighted with a boat cruise of Amsterdam. We ended the AGM with our gala dinner at a private museum where we formally celebrated the 50th anniversary of the firm.

Our founder, Bo Hjelt, spoke about the 50-year history of CDI Global and what he felt were some of the most important milestones in the growth and development of the firm from his perspective. Attendees included not only our partners, but also, we had a large number of invited guests. We were thrilled to have partners from private equity firms, senior executives from companies, which are clients of CDI Global that have an interest in continuing to make acquisitions, cross border, or middle market sized companies, which is really the sweet spot for CDI Global.  We want to thank everyone who celebrated with us as we look forward to another successful 50 years of CDI Global.

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