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This service will help business owners get ready for a transaction. The Advisory Service augments holistic approach to investment banking and specifically assists clients and prospective clients whose owners or Board are ready to sell, but their business may not be. Engagements align all parties to achieve a singular objective in a timely fashion - a successful transaction at maximum value, rather than a failed process or reduced valuation.

Our advisors and industry experts work with sellers to prepare their company for an effective sale process that attracts the right buyers and yields the highest value to the seller. In doing so, our team does the following:

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June 20, 2024

Game Theory in M&A: Navigating Synergy Valuation and Negotiations

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June 13, 2024

PayRetailers acquires payment company Transfeera in a strategic move to expand its business in Brazil

Promotion of Rajesh Varma to Chief Strategy Officer
Annual CDI Global European General meeting
Lallemand has acquired Uruguayan company Calister S.A