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CDI Global launches more languages on website

CDI Global is thrilled to announce the launch of French and Spanish translations to our website. This joins the Italian translation that we launched last year. We are also working on Mandarin translation and expect to launch in the coming months.

As we expand our global reach, our value is our local support in every country we work in and we’re excited to be able to offer this service to our Global partners.

"To be true to our vocation of being "global AND local", we have undertaken, with all of our French-speaking colleagues in Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, Africa, and elsewhere in the world, to put the entire website of CDI Global available to our customers and prospects in French. We are happy to offer them this testimony of closeness and loyalty,” Thierry Gilbert, CDI Board of Directors, France.

Carmelo Morenas, CDI Global CFO and MC Member and the CMP for CDI Global Iberia says “The Spanish-speaking world has always been an important focus for CDI Global. Reaching out from the South Cone in Latin America, through Colombia, Mexico, and all the way to the Iberian Peninsula, we have managed to successfully close plenty of transactions for our clients. Today, we want to honor the trust and loyalty in CDI Global and get closer to them by offering the Spanish version of our CDI Global website.”

CDI Global’s powerful company search process can find our clients a buyer globally which expands their reach through our multiple offices. CDI Global is committed to making a truly multilingual website to ensure we are representing our values every day.

Local Knowledge. Global Reach.

We understand the prime importance of making informed choices in complex global industries. Our experience, business perspective, and niche market specialization combine to help you reach your goals and expand your opportunities globally.

Jeff Schmidt, CEO, CDI Group

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