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Agora: CDI Global’s New Virtual Platform

CDI Global is proud to introduce Agora, our new virtual deal exchange platform. Agora allows our clients to have a direct discussion with CDI Global professionals around the world, ensuring maximum opportunity to find the best potential targets for our clients in virtually any region. 

Agora was conceptualized to take advantage of our global network by bringing more of our international partners into virtual deal exchanges and presentations. This is of particular benefit to cross-border transactions where new opportunities can arise from wider global participation. While CDI’s global offices have long functioned seamlessly as one firm, the live participation and instant feedback from the Agora platform enhance the transaction process in real time. 

“It’s a way to bring the world together,” said CDI Global UK’s Mark Ledger-Beadell, one of the lead Agora developers. “We are very excited about offering our clients access to our international network in a new way, providing both personal interaction and wider reach through the virtual platform.”

Agora functions primarily as a closed sale communication platform where buyers and sellers can present to up to 50 members of CDI Global worldwide and get live reactions to their pitches. Experts in the field can present or seek clarification on the proposed mandates. The widened scope allows more regions to participate, which can stimulate new opportunities for cross-border transactions as well as add valuable perspectives on the global marketplace. 

“Information, communication, and networking are crucial to M&A transaction successes. Agora bolsters these aspects and creates a tangible way for clients to appreciate and capitalize on the strength and breadth of the CDI Global community,” said CDI Global Canada’s Jacques L. Drouin, leader of CDI Agora.

We plan on incorporating Agora into our repertoire in the fall of 2020, shortly after we hold our virtual annual conference in September. While the ongoing pandemic has created some economic barriers, it has also created new market opportunities to explore. CDI Global is dedicated to ensuring we don’t miss a beat; our new virtual platforms will continue to bring the world of our clients and partners together on the road to transactional success.

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