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INVIDEO acquires the website KIZOA

Invideo bought the website KIZOA, a 13-year-old video editing software platform with 18 million registered accounts to the web service worldwide.

Kizoa's video making and editing platform creates animated and still collages using videos and still images. The social sharing feature helps users share videos and photo collages via social media platforms. The software features a 4K video editor to help make movies in ultra–HD. Users can edit videos using their iPhone, and several eye-catching video templates are available to simplify the video-making task. Kizoa helps in video marketing as well.

InVideo is a video creation platform that helps serve publishers, media companies, and brands to expand audiences' engagement through the power of video content.

"Because CDI Global is both global and local, we made possible an unlikely transaction," said Thierry Gibert, Managing Partner, CDI Global.

The web application is available in 13 languages. It has covetable Google SEO rankings in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc. The mobile apps, iOS and Android (December 2019), offer a richness of special effects, and the iOS app is rated 4.7 out of 5.

Kizoa is used for both personal and business media creation. It offers a wide range of tools and easy-to-use templates to create promotional videos for any type of business, non-profits, and education. A growing network of schools uses LETO as an essential teaching tool.

Invideo's purchase of Kizoa increases its market share in the Online Video Editor sector.

CDI Global's French office brought together a French seller and an Indian buyer and was instrumental in bridging the business cultural gap and successfully guiding Invideo in France with every step of the complex process of navigating the subtleties of the French bankruptcy laws.

Thierry Gibert
CDI Global, France


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