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RGS Partners: The growth of people is our fundamental pillar

RGS Partners is a proud member of CDI Global and they were awarded the Best Independent M&A Assessment in the fourth edition. A decade ago, RGS began its journey with a clear mission in mind: to find the right pace for each stage in mergers and acquisitions. Over these years, we not only closed successful transactions, but we also explored the stories and people behind them, understanding their expectations, dreams and ambitions.

We differentiate ourselves because we have a very strong culture, rooted in the values of two partners and in search of excellence. This culture permeates all areas and equipment, contributing to the quality of the services offered. The constant search for excellence is encouraged and valued, creating a positive and motivating work environment.

Growing people is our fundamental pillar. Counting on a highly qualified team, committed to delivering the highest level of service in the market.

Our performance has reached new paths with sectoral specialization, allocating partners and teams to cover in depth the main sectors of the economy, such as health, education, technology, consumption, vending and agribusiness, and charting the best business opportunities in each one of them.

Throughout these trajectories, RGS has gained trust and respect, consolidating a reputation and credibility that will make us leaders and reference in mergers and acquisitions. In the search for conducting businesses that positively impact clients, partners and the general market, we consolidated ourselves as the best M&A assessor in Brazil, occupying the leadership of the Leaders League ranking for 4 consecutive years.

We have evolved as a company and we have to evolve as a brand as well, with a new positioning that reflects the current moment and our vision of the future. We remain committed to making businesses that drives growth and development for our clients, partners and the market as a whole, accrediting the value of establishing solid and trustworthy relationships.

 What are the main challenges in the M&A market today? How does the conjuncture and the economic scenario interfere in this sense?

Our Insight

In the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, currently, the main challenges are related to the economic situation and the financial scenario. One of the two main challenges is the reduction in available liquidity due to the increase in legal fees both in Brazil and globally. It has significantly impacted the access to capital and the valuation of companies, making it more difficult to carry out large transactions.

With the reduction in liquidity, the volume and size of transactions will also decrease considerably. Investors are more cautious, seeking opportunities with lower risk and more stable returns. Furthermore, economic and political uncertainty in some countries and regions also contributed to the challenges of the M&A market.

However, there is a growing consensus in the market that the liquidity scenario tends to improve in the medium term, or that it can boost the return of transactions, both in the credit and equity markets. It is expected that, as economic conditions stabilize and growth resume, the M&A market will gradually recover.

Guilherme Stuart is a partner at RGS Partners, a company awarded as Melhor Independent Assessment of M&A at the 4th edition of the Finance & Law Summit and Awards. In this interview, he addresses the boutique's trade, the construction of its culture and its position in the market.

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