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Shortcomings in Chinese Capital Markets and Paths Forward

China’s capital markets are now amongst the largest in the world and will increasingly play an important role in providing a means for the efficient allocation of capital for both private and state- owned companies, including start-ups and private equity and, should above all, provide for people’s income enhancement and retirement.

However, the returns from China’s capital markets have been dismal over the past decade in relation to nearly every major developed and developing market. Improvements to both the market infrastructure and micro-market structure must be made - now that property investments will unlikely serve as a means for capital appreciation. We will discuss historical shortfalls, latest policy and regulatory developments, and potential paths forward.

About China Crossroads the event: hosts talk on all topics related to China, including business, foreign policy, and other areas as they relate to China, the idea being that China is both already a “crossroads” of the world and itself at a “crossroads” in terms of its future global influence.

Our Presenter: Daniel Senger, Managing Partner at CDI Global China – Wilton Partners has worked over 36 years in the global financial markets, including UBS, and related companies such as S.G. Warburg, Dillon Read, Swiss Bank Corporation, covering M&A, business development, and finance roles in New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Chicago. He moved to Shanghai in 2005 to reorganize the former Beijing Securities equities business for UBS. Served as Chief Operating Officer for UBS China Equities.

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CDI Global's Daniel Senger, Managing Partner at CDI Global China – Wilton Partners, specializes in raising China-global M&A and capital, is speaking next month.

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