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CDI Global AGM 2020 In Review

CDI Global has continued to expand with a diverse set of new partners. Recently, we brought in an outstanding partner firm from Mexico. Last year, we welcomed new member firms in Germany and The Netherlands. CDI Global is also making strategic investments that can help assure our global leadership as advisors for cross-border and middle-market business combinations. Such investments include databases and platforms as well as new offices. CDI CEO Jeff Schmidt will continue to emphasize actions that leverage our global network and create value for our partners.

Monday, the first day of the three-day virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM), we discussed innovations in technology and professional practices that will enable CDI to remain competitive in the changing M&A environment. On Tuesday we focused on industry groups, which we believe differentiate CDI Global from our competitors, especially when coupled with our cross-border search capabilities. Industry knowledge and deal-making experience provide the necessary capabilities for advising on large and complex cross-border projects, particularly when we are representing buyers and confidential sell-side transactions.

On the final day we covered our proprietary Deal Exchange. This forum underscored the importance of collaboration among our global partners. When I first started working with Bo Hjelt, the Founder of CDI Global, he introduced me to every CEO that he knew personally of the larger Finnish companies. As a result, we ended up working for 15 of those companies and were successful in performing dozens of cross-border transactions. This is a great example of how the deep industry experience of CDI members sets us apart. We know the importance of staying close to and always following up with our partners on cross-border transactions. This benefits not only CDI, but more importantly our clients.

This year’s online venue for the 2020 AGM has enabled our partners and associates worldwide to participate in the proceedings of the three-day conference. Participants in this virtual meeting covered 30 countries and 18 time zones, stretching from Seattle to Sydney. CDI Global is indeed global! Working together under our outstanding leadership team, we look forward to a bright, integrated, and exciting future for the CDI Global Network.

Rick Sommer
CDI Global Chairman of the Board of Directors

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